Archangel Metatron Explains DNA

Archangel Metatron
Another request from the Angelic Realm. “Do unto others as you would do unto yourself”……

Required attention from your DNA strand. You are upgrading. You are up leveling. You are limitless. You are invincible. Yes, how do we forget? You fall asleep at the wheel, at the very idea you could be something more.
When the Angels propose something new, you balk at the likeliness of your spirit. You were gifted a choice, to see greatness in your lifetime. You will acquire the strength to accomplish the tasks that are in your heart at this time. Have you forgotten your soul?

DNA, cellular activity, the light body – all vehicles of transformation within you. Access point unto this reality you are sharing with others. The DNA structure of survival is being replaced by the light of Creation. You are not your faults, you are enlightened! You are CREATOR, you are RADIANT.

Chose the brilliance of the soul. DNA is subjective. It is multifaceted. Created by you and superimposed by the collective. You will never “accomplish” your reality by structure; it is a place of flow and opportunity. You are important; every single one of you is carrying the memory of the Creation. Get down the core of it and you will remember everything. This is the time!

Reality will be set on course as your DNA strand recalibrates. There will be no more trying, all will exist within. When the inner reality is met with opportunity to expand, the outer reality will change with little to no effort. It will be a seamless transition unto a set point of creation that you control. DNA is evaluating at the core level. Science has shown us two, we implore you to work with 12 strands, mastery level.

Every design in life is matched for you. Every number sequencing is an encoding in your cells, to unlock the mystery of life, your life. Please stop telling each other who and what to believe in, this service is trite. You are wasting time. Find those with the same sequencing as you to create upon and together. This will give you a path to success. You will help to fulfill each other’s missions and life codes. It is truly that simple.

The collective implores your help. They are asking for it. They are desiring it. They are requiring it for consumption. This is the NEW EARTH, ENJOY!


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