BEAUTY – inside and out!
I have been wanting to write about this topic for a while. What makes one person “beautiful” over another and why can’t we just celebrate our differences as BEAUTY?


I have recently went back to the gym after 6 years of yoga practice. Why? Well for one I have not found a consistent studio in Houston where I felt comfortable enough to explore my body and maintain my spiritual practice. Yes there are MANY studios to choose from here, some of them I do love however my body was craving something MORE.

I was craving FREEDOM to move in any direction it felt like and relax when necessary. Basically my body wanted to build strength within to create outward beauty. This felt like me at last! But with so many asanas to choose from and a limit on what I could actually get done in a 60 minute class, I had to resort to a personal practice. The yoga studio life was my go – to for all things physical, mental and spiritual. Now what was I supposed to do?

Enter weight training/pilates/yoga. Someone put it very eloquently what I was trying to achieve. I wanted to work out according to my body’s natural movements and tone according to my shape and lifestyle needs. As well as mindfully breathing in sync with my muscle development. And of course, while adding positive affirmations of encouragement and retraining the elasticity in my brain for further enhancement. Enter Body Mechanics. That sounded so on point for me!
I am at this new stage physically, mentally and spiritually, I have never been here before and it is quite exciting. Now I have this amazing opportunity every time I go to the gym to explore my body and mind on terms I set. I found a few women who give me inspiration physically, mentally and spiritually on Instagram and use their workouts but mostly I am crafting my own every time I work out.

I received this message from the Angels about 2 weeks ago: just do 20 minutes a day of a focused physical activity and you will see results. When I first stated communicating with the Angels regularly, I was so intrigued that I would spend HOURS talking with them, channeling, writing and meditating. Now as a profession, I do not need to be in constant communication, they are there when necessary and I can tap in any time I like.

Same thing with working out, obviously! You do not need to dedicate your entire day, it is a practice. One session at a time will soon make sense in your body and create more results then if you just hit it hard once in a while. Consistency pays off or at least in my world of channeling and working out.

Why all the resistance anyway? I find that there is such a resistance to BEAUTY. Just because someone is conscious of their internal and outward appearance does not make them more beautiful over another. TRUE BEAUTY I have found actually resides in the heart for me. The rest is just fun activity to see how my body and mind work in tandem to create a BEAUTIFUL human. Over the years, I’ve learned to embrace my curves, say yes to my appetite and love my natural appearance without make-up.

I’ve been fortunate enough to find AMAZING WOMEN around me that reflect the inner BEAUTY I feel back into my life. As if one mirror is looking at another. I have spent HOURS telling my closest girlfriends how BEAUTIFUL they are and how each of them have made a difference in my life. I’ve stared into the eyes of pain and LOVED it away. I believe that you can tell a lot by a person’s BEAUTY by the company they keep. Do people feel better as a result of being in their energy field?
BEAUTY does naturally reside within, once we drop the bullshit we tell ourselves.

5 fun ways to embrace your BEAUTY:
1) Look at yourself and thank every single piece of YOU for being here
2) Wear your best outfit that makes you feel incredible and go out dancing/singing.
3) Give yourself an oil massage and get to know your skin again
4) Play with your hair, do something fun and different and if you are a male maybe wear a hat, sunglasses or shave differently
5) Play in the sun and if you can, be naked!

Yes I am well aware of the requests I put in there to get back to yourself and being natural. You of course will be doing this by yourself, if you choose and we have seen great results once you let go!
The body was intended for you to live in and have great fun not as a test. We find that most people are so separated from their physical and mental bodies, that they become disillusioned and diseased. These practices will help you to broaden your relationship with yourself and to expand your consciousness back into physicality.

Nicole and Archangel Metatron


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