How Dancing Raises Your Vibration

Who loves to dance? I know I do.


However, somewhere in between moving, starting a new business and a new relationship (now 2 years old), I forgot! WAIT>>>>> Does this mean I should not go out or not hang out with people who are MUCH MUCH younger….nope! Just get your badassery out there again.

So we did! My friends, boyfriend and I did our best to strike it out BIG last Thursday and check out NERVO, an AMAZING DUO from Australia. I have been wanting to see them for awhile. I missed their last show, I had recently moved to Vegas and none of my friends would go out, so I stayed home and missed the show. This time would be different!

Dancing raises your vibration for numerous reasons but what I found out was that I can only dance to conscious music. This may sound funny considering I love such groups as Tool, Pink Floyd, EDM and House but when you look closer and actually pay attention to the lyrics and musical score, it makes perfect sense!

My musical taste definitely changes depending on my mood and what I am actually trying to achieve. Much like drugs, alcohol or sweets, you are actually changing the chemistry within your vibration for achieved effect. I particularly choose to be more natural but I do not discriminate either way.

Just like these substances, one could argue the fact that you have to actually ingest these products to get the effect we are speaking of. I would argue that point tenfold. Each plant, mixture or product can actually get you to the desired effect even without tasting them. Want to know how, vibration and frequency my friend.

A vibration much like a musical score is that of sound and spirit even if you cannot hear it. Everything in the universe has a melodic tonality to it. And the rate of that tone, either fast or slow is the frequency. Nikola Tesla is my mentor on this subject, he tends to visit me very often in Spirit, in fact he is here right now adding to the frequency of this document.
When your mind or body decides it likes something over another, what is actually happening is that your frequency and vibration is either a match to the subject or not. So in laymen’s terms, you the human actually do not make the decision, your vibration = does.

How can you “attract” things that are good for you? By raising your vibration which in turns increase your frequency to attract more of your heart’s desire. Dancing does this perfectly and without much commitment on your end. All you have to do is ALLOW yourself to get lost in the music, feel good about yourself, increase your energy field and watch nature take it’s course.

Ever wonder why people are always meeting up at the club/lounge/after hours? Because somewhere along the night, they built up enough confidence (frequency) and took action (vibration).
Now if you meet someone who is pissed off not wanting to dance and just ready to go home, they have obviously slowed (frequency) their good time energetics (vibration). This is why so many “hook-ups” happen at these places and people want to do it again because this is where they are able to finally feel their power (vibration) maybe even for the first time in their life.

Dancing does wonders for your physical form and your energy field. I have found after a good night dancing, my body is tighter, my cells are rejuvenated (how can I tell because my body produces more collagen), my mind is relaxed and I feel accomplished. This is because I have actually just felt my personal auric (energy) field and raised my vibration. Now when it is time to create for business or personal reasons, I have a much easier time doing so and I am full of creativity!
I hope you are all doing fabulous out there. Please share with me what raises your vibration.
I would love to hear it and create more consciousness on the planet. Remember, when we support each other in raising our vibration then the world is a much happier place.

Cheers to dancing and keeping it classy!
Love Nicole and the Angels


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