Improve Brain Function LIGHT Recipe

LIGHT is an advanced mineral drink that detoxifies the cellular body and this includes the brain.

So imagine the toxin build up in your body based on the environment. The air and water are full of chemicals either purposely placed or “accidentally” by industries off-gassing chemicals into the environment. Research water and air quality in your area it will surprise you to the levels of toxicity.

Research the current food supply and look at the chemical ingredients added to every mass produced product.

The cumulation of this chemical residue does greatly affect the Human body….or more obviously all living systems on the Planet.

In addition to the massively increased chemical consumption either known or not by people. Now consider the effects of living cells by the increased radio frequencies, EMF and other technological variables that do greatly affect all living organisms.

The Human body is cluttered with toxins and this affects all functionality.

The Human brain is calcified, chlorinated and intoxicated. The performance is massively deteriorated and some will agree that the majority of humans have become less cognitive.

The LIGHT mineral drink detoxifies all cellular matter and the same properties that detoxify then add a charge to the cell. By cleaning and charging the cells they are now able to perform as intended.  This process when first used is one of the most profound benefits of using LIGHT.  Cognitive abilities have increased greatly. Users of LIGHT have noticed a remembrance of studies and or events that were previously forgotten. Quick comprehension of new subject matter, increased mental alertness.

If you want to regain or improve your brain function the LIGHT product is perfect for you.

Best LIGHT usage is 1 teaspoon in the morning and 1 teaspoon before going to sleep. Add the teaspoon of LIGHT to an organic juice. Mix the light and juice and drink immediately. LIGHT is a concentrate so never drink without adding a juice for transport.

Document your mental status before using LIGHT this will give you a baseline. Then as you use the LIGHT document your mental clarity and advancements. Post your results for the community.


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