LIGHT Body Scrub Recipe

As we live in our environment, particles from your electronics, urban setting, car or utilities off gas particulates in the air. Your body will act like a sponge and pick these up. Over time this is a breeding ground for illness, mental instability, and weight gain.

Having a regular practice for self-care and maintenance of the human body is necessary. Here is a simple and effective recipe for detoxing your skin and tissues. Most people forget about their skin. This is the number one mistake.  Your skin is the first line of defense to your major organs and overall health.

Try this recipe, add it your weekly routine.

Use 1 cup of natural salt, 2 teaspoons of the Light product and 1 cup of sesame oil.

Mix the liquid and the salt together. Gently exfoliate your skin in a circular motion, starting from your feet, moving upwards. Each body part should be done separately. Focus on the lower left side of your body than the right. Follow the same for your upper torso. Start with the left side of your body and continue the process to your right side. Your back and abdomen will be the last. Move the energy from the back of your body to the front, ending at your belly. Then move all that energy in a counterclockwise fashion around your navel, this will act as an energetic “flush” and alleviate the toxins from within your skin.

This process should take about 20 minutes.



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