LIGHT Hair Tonic Recipe

LIGHT is an advanced mineral drink that increases LIGHT/ELECTRON (Plasmic) to the body. This type of “charge” assist the body to heal or self-correct.  The same concept of when your car battery fails and then your car stops running properly. If you turn the engine off it will not restart without a ” jump start” from another battery or by replacing the battery.

Your body is similar and when your hair starts to not look healthy or become gray you can add some LIGHT to your hair.

Add 1 teaspoon of LIGHT to 2 ounces of organic coconut oil. Mix this up and apply to your hair.  For best results apply this LIGHT Hair tonic at night sleep with it all night and wash out in the morning.

Take before and after pictures, your hair will look amazing. Some experience gray hair to change back the original color.


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