Meeting Quan Yin

I woke up in the middle of the night, to find what looked like a statue peering in at me through the French doors of my second story bedroom. These doors opened up to the outside, there was a street lamp illuminating the alleyway, so I could clearly see a shadow on the balcony. As I sat up in my bed and my eyes began to regulate to the night hour, I now realized what I saw staring back at me was a shadowy figure. The person was wearing a very thick cloak, accompanied with tall hat and a veil upon their head and ran to the floor. I feel back asleep, but only for a moment.

I was jolted out of my slumber to now see that same figure at the foot of my bed; I intuitively felt and saw it was Quan Yin, the embodiment of the divine feminine in the Buddhist culture. The frequency that was coming off of her was nothing I had ever experienced in my life. It was completely out of this world, not of this Earth and triggered all of my energy centers to fire at once. I felt so elated with joy! Once I made this super-fast connection in my head, I began to sit up even quicker with more excitement and to meet her.

The next thing I knew, a vibration was shot through my body, so intense that I immediately fell back into my bed. As I was falling, which seemed like slow motion, my consciousness was separated and taken on a journey, the body remained in the bedroom. I was then shown 5 layers of reality, my personal story and the layers of the Universal Sphere. The whole time during this journey, Quan Yin never left my side, she was my guide and a comforting voice describing the levels of reality to me.

Our first stop was the present; I was shown how my work here with the Angels was a necessary relationship to help transition the human race. Even though at the time, I had no idea what she was talking about. I was working as a spiritual medium but I had no idea about global shifts for humanity and that the collective would be waking up to their own DIVINITY. I was happy enough reading for my clients and working with Spirit. I saw all the lines to which I pull my Intel down from the ethers and how everything is an orchestration behind the veil. Nothing is separate. Think of it as the ultimate matrix. There are so many transitions behind the veil, everything is strung together by light, frequencies, strings and can be accessed by anyone.

The next stop was to my mother and sister. During this time, my family was very concerned for my well-being and did not necessarily want me to leave my “safe job”. My mom and sister knew how much I loved my spiritual work which I always saw as a vocation not a job. We were brought into an area that looked like an arena after the world ended. It was a major timeline, an option if we don’t get our act together with Mother Earth. It looked like about 50 years in the future but my mom and sister did not age. Which leads me to believe we figured out how to stop the aging process but killed Mother Earth or had a major war of some kind. My mother turned to me and said, “I understand now”. Then, as she was saying that, my sister and I began morphing in front of her eyes. She just looked at us very nonchalant as my sister turned into an animal, a Goddess of nature; she grew multiple legs and made her body long and lean. And I turned into an Angel, grew iridescent wings and as I extended them I began to float above the ground. My mother, has been accepting of my work since.

The following scene was to my girlfriend’s house. I had recently lost contact with her due to my own travels and schedule. Quan Yin introduced me to the interdimensional beings in her house and said there had been a portal opened on the land. Currently it was affecting her and her family. Quan Yin told me that it needed to be shut down and if not the psychosis would continue. A few weeks after this particular, my friend had a Native ceremony conducted there to cleanse the space and the Shaman who performed the cleansing, described the same interdimensional beings I saw there. No one had spoken to each other and we only matched our stories months after the events. The beings were amphibious with long catfish whiskers; they were wearing military outfits and were confused how they were in her house too. It seemed as though they took a wrong turn. But their vibration was so invasive to the Earth’s energy, that it was causing a disruption to the family’s life.

Then I was taken to a starship, where surgeries were being performed. It did not seem “bad” or secretive; in fact the beings there were quite nice. At the time, I was still working out some unconscious fears I had of ET’s, so I knew the beings were in the room but I could not see them. I saw their laboratory, I saw their instruments and were specimens were taken. I understood immediately how the conducted their studies, that it was beneficial for Earth and in major agreement with the souls who choose to come here. I also saw an incubation section where babies go until they are ready to be birthed. Not always birthed the way we understand it, to you it would look like a science experiment but to them, it is very natural and safe. Think of large glass jars, built into the wall, filled with liquid and very little beings content to be there. They are not ready to be birthed yet, so they will stay in the liquid until their organs and tissues have matured. I was giving myself a personal tour and then sent on my way.

My final destination, a black open space much like the void described in Native American culture. I met Quan Yin, the frequency was so intense that I was actually scared to look at her. She indoctrinated me once again, telling me the origin of my soul is actually spilt. I incarnated as half Angelic and half Star Being. I was to be from the stars in an effort to help the children that would be incarnated after me and to be an Angel here on Earth, to know and transmute the suffering here. I’ve been in training as a warrior and will know exactly how to wield my sword. She also stated that my DNA has been watched over and harvested as to create other beings on Earth. She said, we need more like you and of similar energy here. She also gave me visions of meeting my children who would have different mothers and who were implanted a long time ago. The children would also not be of “correct Earth age” so no one would ever guess we were bonded and I would never reveal these truths them. It was a bittersweet moment. I often cry for these children, I can feel their pain but I also rejoice because I know how they will change the Earth. When Quan Yin told me my soul’s origin, I was humbled by hearing it. I felt very unworthy and also scared. I didn’t want to be different from my friends. I also did not know how to quantify it in my mind. This was before I met anyone who was from a different star system or galaxy. I had no prior knowledge of ETs, star children, hybrids or galactic intel. A week later, I started working with star children, extensively. My life has never been the same since.

Next, I woke up mid-breath out of a deep paralyzed state. I literally sat straight up and couldn’t believe what had just happened. I was out of breath. I also still felt her energy and vibration in the room. It’s unmistakable. She is a force to be reckoned with. I got up out of my bed, walked around my room, and then immediately started to cry. I felt every cell in my body and was so aware of everything. Life seemed so simple after that journey with her, it really is all smoke and mirrors.


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