Mentoring With Nicole

In this package, you will receive your set number of 60-minute sessions at the time of purchase.

Learn how to practice your gifts with authenticity and gauge your progress in the Realms of Spirit.

Activate your highest aspect, while fine tuning your craft for your sacred path.

Each session will be geared towards your talents, whether it is to channel professionally or blend this unique ability with your business.

We will delve into the many uses of Channeling for the modern day life.

Nicole will bring her years of guidance, love and support from the higher realms and uniquely craft each session for you.

We are so excited to continue the magic of learning with you and to be a part of your education with the Spirit, Angelic and Star Realms.

Once the package is purchased, Nicole will reach out to schedule each session.

All sessions will be scheduled and redeemed by the set date agreed upon.

See you soon.


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